Welcome to Albuquerque International Sunport Sustainable Airport Master Plan project website.

home page photos3The Albuquerque International Sunport Sustainable Airport Master Plan has been initiated by the City Albuquerque. Generally, an airport master plan is intended to evaluate the Airport’s capabilities and role, to forecast future aviation demand, and to plan for the timely development of new or improved facilities that may be required to meet that demand. The ultimate goal of the Master Plan is to provide systematic guidelines for the Airport’s overall maintenance, development, and operation. This planning effort, however, is unique as it will be infused with sustainable planning goals and objectives.

In recognition of the Sunport’s commitment to sustainability, the Airport received a grant through the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Sustainable Master Plan Pilot Program to prepare a Sustainable Master Plan. Through this program, FAA provides funding for the development of sustainable master plans or sustainable management plans, which are standalone documents that integrate sustainability principles into the airport planning process. Sustainable master and management plans make sustainability a central focus in the planning process, which generates strategies to achieve economic benefits, enhance operational efficiency, increase community involvement, and reduce negative environmental impacts.

The Albuquerque International Sunport is of interest to many within the regional community including residents, businesses, community organizations, governmental officials, airport users/tenants, and aviation organizations. The planning process will be closely coordinated with two committees: the advisory committee and the technical committee. The committees are made of up government representatives, airport users and tenants, and local community representatives. This website was created to provide on on-line, public venue to provide information pertaining to the Sunport Sustainable Airport Master Plan. In particular, this site will be utilized to distribute draft Master Plan materials to the planning advisory committee (PAC) as well as interested members of the public. This forum also presents the opportunity for the committees and interested parties to offer input into the planning process via the comment section.

This sustainable master plan will provide a vision for the Airport covering the next 20 years and, in some cases, beyond. With this vision, the City of Albuquerque will have advance notice of potential future airport funding needs so that appropriate steps can be taken to ensure that adequate funds are budgeted and planned. The specific objectives to be considered in the planning process include:

•     To review the Aviation Department’s sustainability policy mission statement;
•     To define sustainability categories at the airport and conduct a baseline inventory and assessment;
•     To research and evaluate transportation industry and socioeconomic factors likely to affect the air transportation demand in the region;
•     To determine the projected needs of airport users through the year 2035;
•     To establish measurable goals to minimize the impact on consumption, and to identify specific sustainability initiatives to help in achieving each goal;
•     To recommend improvements that will enhance the airport’s safety, efficiency, and capability to serve the community’s aviation needs;
•     To establish a schedule of priorities and a financial plan for the improvements proposed by this master planning effort;
•     To determine the required level of environmental documentation to move forward with each recommendation of the master plan;
•     To prepare an updated Airport Layout Plan in accordance with FAA guidelines and incorporate GIS databases; and
•     To incorporate an active and productive public involvement and community outreach program throughout the sustainable master planning process.

Please download and review the draft materials as they become available in the Master Plan section of this website. If you have comments or questions regarding the Master Plan materials, please feel free to submit them to the planning team here. Comments received will be given due consideration during the preparation of the Master Plan.

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